PTSD occurs when a person has experienced some form of, generally intense, trauma.  This trauma could be caused by a variety of circumstances such as a motor vehicle accident or other serious accident physical or sexual assault or abuse, or a specific traumatic event in your life that has threatened your or others lives or safety.

As a consequence of the intense helplessness, fear and distress the sufferer can develop symptoms that commonly include nightmares, intrusive thoughts and memories, depression, anxiety, feelings of being disconnected, agitation, low self-worth, and challenges with living in their daily life.

In our initial assessment we can determine what your needs are and how we introduce the most appropriate treatment option for you.  So if you relate to many of the patterns identified above consider seeing your GP for a referral. PTSD often works well with either an CBT and / or ACT approach, but with more complex or chronic trauma, treatments such as EMDR and or Schema Therapy can be more effective and appropriate.  For more information see Our Approach and if you feel that we can be of support give us a call and make an appointment. 



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