Many people struggle with the fundamental aspects of their life such as their family, personal relationship, work pressures or the uncertainty about their future. This happens often because of the stressors of life combined with the fact that we were never actually taught how to best relate in these types of circumstances. Our psychologists all pride themselves on implementing mechanisms that are proven to be effective in assisting individuals in dealing with emotion that often blocks logical and rational approaches to these types of problems.

Marriage and Relationship

The statistics related to marriage difficulties in today’s society clearly indicate the struggles that couples are having. In relationship counseling it is crucial to appreciate what is necessary to achieve a functional relationship. These include empathy, making time for fun and communication, maintaining intimacy and romance and knowing how to effectively deal with emotions and stress in your life and not dragging your relationship into the stress. There are also some fundamentals that act as a dangerous catalyst to hurting the relationship. This means recognizing when the four most destructive behaviours are apparent. Namely criticizing, being defensive, showing contempt and stonewalling.

The key to managing these behaviours hinges on the ability to build bridges with your partner and develop safe and open communication with each other truly listening to your partners needs as well as being able to share what you require from the relationship.  A path focused on the fundamental menaing of win-win, meaning that you don’t have the desire to win and your partner loses byut rather that they are able to have their needs met as well as yours – remembering that the goal is not a perfect relationship but rather a healthy, functional, loving, “good enough” relationship.

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